January Story Contest

Pony Pals Secrets part 1
By: Hannahxx
Age: 10

Hi and welcome to Pony Secrets Stable. I'm Hannah and this is Whisper and Comanche my horses. I have a few members and these are who they are: Hannahxx, Taylor***, Ole Miss, pp2, Elise597, Lily5 and Fidget. We are all fantastic mates and we hope you enjoy our adventures together.

Hannah arrived at Pony Secrets in her mum's limo and everyone stared at her in her designer jodhpurs, velvet helmet, white underneath blouse and green over show blouse. Soon after Taylor arrived and they were great mates. When everyone arrived at the Stable they got their horses settled in and went to their cabins for the night.

Hannah, Taylor and Fidget got settled in very quickly and soon were great mates. So did Grace and Stevie and Lil and Elise. They watched The Saddle Club and flicked through Horse Deals! Hannah found a horse she knew she had to have to win competitions! Hannah is evil.

The next day the girls woke up and early and packed for a camping trip in the bush....

TO BE CONTINUED.............