January Story Contest

By: Babyb178
Age: 9

Brook looked out the school bus window as it bumped down   the   dirt road that led to Brook’s family’s ranch Misty Bay Ranch. It was the last day of school. Finally, the bus stopped. It let Brook and Mara Beth out aka Mara. (Brooks older sister) They ran up the driveway and into the house. Brook pulled on her cowboy hat and grabbed 2 carrots and raced out the door to Misty’s stall (Mara’s  8 year old Paint)  and gave her a carrot. She went to Dreamer’s stall. Misty is a 3 year old filly. And gave her a carrot. Dreamer is Brooks horse. Grabbed the curry comb and dandy brush and hoof pick and grabbed the halter and lead rope and started to work. She put on Dreamer's halter by tempting her with a carrot and clipped on the lead. She led Dreamer out of her stall and got to work currying, brushing ,picking, and combing. Mara was grabbing the pitchfork and wheel barrel and heading to Misty’s stall. She grabbed Misty’s halter and lead easily and led her out of the stall. She hummed a little tune as she worked. She picked out all the droppings and put some fresh bedding. Then she got a bucket and got her oats and water and one flake of hay. She traded all the grooming stuff with Brook for the pitchfork and wheelbarrel and they both worked hurriedly.

Once they were done, they both saddled up and swung over the saddle and set off to the long grassy meadow with a small pond in the middle of it that the horses loved so much. The musty spring air stuck to their skin like glue as they moved into a graceful jog. And soon into a lope as they reached the meadow something scared Dreamer. She reared and galloped off. Mara jumped off Misty and ran over to Brook. Brook tried to move but a sharp pain in her ankle stopped her  Mara suddenly realized that Dreamer was gone and told Brook to stay still as she hopped on Misty and galloped off.

Brook had started to worry. An hour and a half had gone by and Mara still wasn’t there. It was getting dark. Brook couldn’t  get service way out there. It was almost pitch black out now and your not suppose to ride in the dark. A worry shot through Brooks mind- that Mara got lost. She heard a howl of a coyote and worry struck her like lightning. Suddenly, she heard rustling of bushes. She couldn’t bear to look but she heard a whinny and realized it was Dreamer. She had come back, but no sign of Mara and Misty.  Dreamer stood over Brook like a guard angel and Brook grabbed her reigns. She stood up and wobbled a little but stood on a tree stump and mounted up. She was so scared, but asked Dreamer for a walk, and slowly went into the woods. Every twig that snapped, every bush that shook, made Brook jumpy.

Now the only light was the moon. As Brook looked around, she saw a lump in the woods. She dismounted and walked Dreamer over to it. As she looked closer, it was Mara’s jacket. She kept on walking Dreamer till she saw Mara crying in the middle of the woods with Misty by her. Brook asked her what was wrong and she said “I got lost looking for Dreamer and I just couldn’t find my way back and I felt awful".   
“It's ok", said Brook. "Here’s your jacket. Let's go."
They found their way back to the meadow and made it home they took care of their horses then went to bed.  
It was a long day.