January Story Contest

How We Saved The Wild Mustangs
By: Scoutgirl
Age: 12

There we were as a group: it was me (Scoutgirl) Paint the Wind, Toddkr1, and Gypsy_horse. We had been out trail riding when Gypsy pointed out a herd of wilds.  Seeing them, my horse started to gallop toward them. I lost control of the reins as Midnight Beauty raced towards the herd. I hear my friends racing after my horse and I yelling “Jump off!” so, I do. I am not hurt but I watch as my horse gallops towards the herd now spooked by my friends and I.  Beauty catches up with them and runs fast like she is one of them. Then my worst fear after I stand up I hear a rumbling sound. We all look up in horror and realization. A helicopter! The helicopter was heading for the horses herding them away.  JC and the rest of the trail group are here now. JC lets me use JB, her horse. Gypsy, Paint, Todd and I all gallop fast after the helicopter. It was no use the helicopter was far gone.  We keep going, knowing some how we would get her back.  After a long time of chasing we look back only to find JC and the group with the truck and trailer. We ride over to them and put the horses in then hop in the truck. We drive the direction of the helicopter and soon come to a big building with lots of neighs coming from the inside. We all know at once what it is.  there was a huge arena also. We walk over to it, but someone stops us.

"What are you doing here? This is closed to public."
I spoke up. "You guys rounded my horse up so if I don’t get her back and if you don’t release all of the wilds you just got plus the ones in the building we will sue you!"
"You can’t sue us! If you want your horse so bad then you will have to find it they are all over there in the arena". 
"Thank you I think I will go get my horse!"

I tell the group to go get the horses come back mounted and if there isn’t enough stay in the truck with it on.  So we all go over to where he said they were and started searching for Midnight Beauty. The pen was so crowded there wasn’t any room for them to move. At once I spot Beauty. I look around and make sure that guy isn’t around.

Then I open up the pen and let all of the horses out. The group, ready to spring into action, herds the horses away. I hop on Beauty before she leaves and help the group. We gallop with the group everyone on a different side. Away we go from the horrid place! Not caring that they are running after us screaming.  We lead them to where we saw them and call the police. They say okay, and go to check out the place. We found out later that the round-up place was illegal!
The End!