January Story Contest

A New Life part 2 part 1
By: ponyluv1999
Age: 14

Sara- City Girl   
Nicole-Country Girl
Nick-Sara's Dad
Megan-Nicole's Mom
Ben-Nicole's Dad

    6:00 A.M.
        Sara woke up with foggy eyes, hating her new life at the farm. She missed the city as much as she longed for her mom. She got up off her bed and put on makeup, dangling earrings, and a nice Aeropostale shirt on, and put on a new pair of jeans, then she put on the chaps, and the riding boots, and pulled out the helmet and hooked it around her arm. Then she went downstairs to find her father making eggs and bacon.
"Good morning Sara, I am glad you decided to get up and go out to the barn, but before you go, eat some breakfast. I will be in my office." Nick, Sara's father, told her.
"Yeah, I am surprised I got up too." Sara mumbled. Sara picked up some eggs and bacon and dropped them on her plate, while her father disappeared in his office.

    6:30 A.M.
        Sara tried to eat as slowly as she could so she didn't have to get to the barn so fast.
"Sara, I think you should go see the Golds now, I just checked my E-mail and last night Ben sent me a E-mail telling me to have you at the barn and 6:45 latest, so you should finish your breakfast quickly and head on over." Nick Yelled down from his office.
"I will leave in 5 minutes" Sara groaned back. Sara put her plate in the sink and walked out in to the hot summer air, even though it was only 6:32, it was already 82' degrees. She stepped out on to the gravel driveway and made her way slowly over to the barn.

    6:45 A.M.
        Sara waked in to the barn and though to herself, "Whats that disgusting smell???!"
Then she noticed Nicole tacking up a brown horse. She walked over. Nicole looked up and noticed Sara walking over.
"Don't come any closer he will try to bite you. He was abused." Nicole told her sternly. For a second Sara felt bad for the horse.
"Serves him right." Sara said trying to hide her empathy.
"You don't care about horses or anything else on this farm. Go back to New York City where people actually want you." Nicole replied to Sara's rude comment.
"I want to but I cant. I have to stay at this stupid place you call home." Sara said.
"Well whatever. Just don't bother me when I am riding her. She needs to be trained correctly. My mom is waiting for you out in the ring. You better go out there for your first ride." Nicole told her.
"Fine." Sara said in a strong, brave tone. But, on the inside she was worrying like crazy.

    7:00 A.M.
         Sara walked outside in to the hot sun. She walked in to the arena and spotted Nicole's mom. holding a horse tacked up.
"Ready to get on?" She asked Sara.
"Do I have a choice?" Sara asked with no question in her voice.
"No." Said Megan. "I am going to walk Hershey over to the mounting block, go stand over by it, and I will get you on", Megan told her, while leading Hershey to the mounting block.
"Okay." Sara said, walking to the mounting block. She stepped up on to the third step. When Megan had Hershey over at the mounting block, she did not know what to do.
"I hate horses, there is no point in riding them, its so easy, but yet confusing. I do not want to try." Sara said angrily.
"Whatever Sara, its good for you, Just put your right foot in the sttriup and swing your leg over and you will be on.