January Story Contest

The Perfect HYPP Pony

By Ponyluv1999 & Teddy

Age 8

            On August 14, I went out to see a foal who was 3 years old, named Made You Look. When I first saw her, I was in love. She has the sweetest eyes you just could not resist. She was playful, and like a puppy dog. She was mine now.

            I brought her home, and she would always follow me around and nudge me when I came in to see her. I started training her when she was 3 and a half. We had the best of times, from bucking when putting on a saddle, and being very gentle with the bridle. But things were about to change.

            I went to see her in her stall to lunge her. I saw her laying down, and she was not able to get up. I started to get scared, called my mom, then the vet. My mom came rushing down, and the vet said he was on the way. When he arrived, we got the worst of news. Maddie had HYPP, a sickness that is found in quarter horses.

            Luckily, she only had the mild version, so she was in not much danger. As she grew older, we started to have a stronger bond. One time, We wanted to go on a trail by the back of the fields. Maddie, had spooked and I had fallen off. I sprained my ankle, and was not able too walk. Maddie rushed back to the farm, and soon help was on the way too me. That's how strong our bond was.

            As she grew, we got better and better at everything, so we decided to join The United States Pony Club. I rated my D-2 the first year, and passed with ease on Maddie. But soon did we know that, Maddie had another attack. This time around, it was worse. She was not able to get up for 10 to 15 minutes.

           I could not even watch, but soon Maddie was back up and fine, which was a big relief to me, the vet, and my mom. About 2 days later, we started work again. We had our bucks, falls, and jumping higher and higher every week. Then, my trainer said I was ready for my D-3. This was the best, I was so excited, and Maddie and I started training and jumping right away. We jumped 2'6 with ease and jumped higher, about up to 2'9, and we had inches to spare. I knew we were just about ready.

           On the day of my rating, I was rating with my best friend, Julia. She was on Sandie, who was best friends with Maddie and field mates. We started with some knowledge, which was some easy stuff with Maddie standing by my side. During flat work, we had our bucks, but not full air-born bucks, because I knew that she would not let me down. During jumping, we jumped things so easily, they just should of raised the jumps to 3 foot.


Cross Country was not our best, because she had refused a bench jump, which caused me to fall off. Although, she stayed right there by my side, nudging me until she knew I was fine. We could not get over the jump but I knew if I did not pass, we tried our hardest.

           We jumped over a few more jumps, and we walked back up, dismounted, gave our wonderful ponies a pat and a kiss, and I made sure Maddie was not having symptoms of HYPP. We got our tests back. My test made me cry. I PASSED!!! It was a miracle. At the end of my test, it said, "Maddie and you have a wonderful, strong bond, keep up the good work." I got home and gave Maddie all of the attention she wanted. I went in to the arena with her, and we had some fun free jumping, and riding bareback.

           Today Maddie and I have gone above and beyond, if we are at shows, or ratings and Pony Club Events. Maddie, is still alive, and having the best of life. And she still has the warm heart she had when she was a foal, even if she has HYPP. And she always will have the most unique place in my heart.  =)