January Story Contest

The LBLMCS and the Ghost Horses part 1


by Lauren Dixon & Belle

Age 12


Lizzy1 & Misty

Age 11


Chelsea2 & Frosty

Age 11



Lauren (the first L)

Belle (Lauren’s horse, the B)

Lizzy (the 2 nd L)

Misty (lizzy’s horse, The M)

Chelsea (the C)

Shooter (Chelsea’s horse, the S)

And that is the LBLMCS!





Lauren was grooming her horse, Belle, when 2 girls walked up.

“What a beautiful horse!” said 1 girl and the other said “Yea!”

“Thank you!” said Lauren, “do you have a horse?”

“Yes!” said both girls.

“Cool!” said Lauren.

“Do you went to see them?” said 1 girl.

“Sure!” said Lauren

On the way the 3 girls got talking and the 2 girls’ names where Lizzy and Chelsea.

“Here is Shooter!” said Chelsea all happy and proud

“And this is Misty.” Said Lizzy, “what is your horse’s name?”

“Belle” said Lauren

“We should make a club!” said Chelsea

“Yea!” came from both girls

“What should we call us?’ asked Lizzy

“The LBLMCS!” said Lauren


The LBLMCS were grooming their horses in their stalls, when the caught on the subject of ghost horses.

“I think her white coat makes people think she’s a ghost horse.” Said Lauren

“That has to be why!” Chelsea said

“What time is it?” asked Lizzy wiping sweat off her forehead.

“6:00 a.m.” said Lauren

“It is so hot so early!” said lizzy

“I know, Shooter is sweating a little.” Chelsea said.

When they got done, they and their horses walked out in the blazing mourning sun. The girls mounted and walked onto a shaded trail.

“That feels much better!” said Lizzy

“I think the horses enjoy it more!” said Lauren as Belle pranced ahead of the others, “I guess I’m the leader!” said Lauren giggling.

“I’ll take the middle!” Chelsea exclaimed.

“I’m the caboose!” Lizzy exclaimed with a laugh.

The girls made their way to a river. The horses drank from the river, Misty started to paw and the water splashing everywhere.

“The water feels really good!” Chelsea said as Misty splashed water everywhere. Misty sank to her knees and Lizzy her balance and fell off into the river.

“Lizzy, are you Okay?” Lauren asked

“Fine!” lizzy giggled “But soaked! C’mon! Try it!” Lizzy said.

Lauren jumped in, and then Chelsea jumped in. The girls spent half the day playing in the water. They ate lunch and dried off as much as they could. They rode back on the trail.

“Which way did we go be for?” Chelsea asked

“I don’t know! I think that trail.” Said Lauren as she pointed down one trail

“Ok!” said Lizzy And Chelsea nervously.

As they walked their horses down the trail, something was moving in the bushes. No one knew what it was.

“What is that?” Lizzy asked

“It could be a bear!” Chelsea said

“Lets wait and see.” Lauren said

Then, a head of a light gray horse popped up. The LBLMCS turned to dismount their horses, but when they were done dismounting, the horse had ran away with out a sound, Only the horse’s hoof prints in the ground remanded. The girls looked at the hoof prints.

“Maybe we could follow them!” said Lauren

“Yea! Lets do it!” said Lizzy

And the girls remounted and followed the hoof prints.

“Or maybe not!” said Chelsea as the girls rode up to a lake.

“Look!” said Lizzy as she pointed at 3 horses grazing

“One for all of us!” said Lauren

“Or not!” said Chelsea as if she just saw a ghost, “they are Ghost horses!”

“I don’t think they are Ghost horses.” Lauren said.

“Why?” Chelsea asked.

“Because, if they are ghost horses, they wouldn’t leave hoof prints!” Lauren exclaimed.

“So they are real horses!” Lizzy exclaimed.

“And it was not just one horse but three horses!” Chelsea said.

“Lets go get them!” Lizzy said as she walked Misty, Lauren swung Belle in front of Misty making her stop.

“No, we have to let then choose us.” Lauren said

“How” asked Chelsea and Lizzy unison.

“All we have to do is leave carrots and treats for them.” Said Lauren

“How do we make sure they don’t run away?” Lizzy asked

“We have to stay a good distance away.” Lauren said

The LBLMCS looked at the ghost horses. They all picked up there head and looked at them.

“C’mon, Lets go, they are getting nervous.” Said Chelsea.

The girls turned their horses around and cantered back to the barn. Lauren’s dad, the owner of the barn, Walked by and asked

“Did you see the ghost horse?”

The girls said “No”, for they did not went anyone to know about them.

“Boy! That was a close one!” said Lizzy

“I know!” said Chelsea, “I thought you would say yes!”

“Sorry!” Lauren said, “we will call them G horses, No one will know they are Ghost horses!”

“Ok!” said Lizzy

“Good with me!” Said Chelsea, “Ok! We need carrots, Apples, Halters, and lead ropes! Hurry the G horses might get away!”

And the girls got apples, carrots, halters, and lead ropes and remounted.