January Story Contest


by Skipper234 & Acorn

Age 10


It was Thursday afternoon when I arrived at the stable.  Early again. I usually get there early.  I walked into the office and scratched Allie the cat behind her ear.  She purred happily as I continued to pet her.  My riding teacher was not in the office so walked to the large covered area where the horses are tacked up and found her. 

“Who am I riding today?” I asked. 

“You are on Rook.”  She answered as she tied a small bay pony to the fence.  Rook was a big piebald that had a cribbing problem.  He had been known for biting and kicking.

  “Do I have to ride him?  Are any more horses available that I could ride?”  I asked.

  “You can go back to the office and see if Jewel is available.  Let me know if she is.  But after that will you brush Snickers?” said my riding teacher, pointing to the pony. 

           Jewel was a pretty chestnut Arabian that liked to dig when she was tied up. 

“I would be glad to brush Snickers.” I said as I picked up my grooming kit.  After I brushed Snickers I checked to see if Jewel was available.  She was not but Prince and a horse named Shadow were.  I had ridden Prince before. 

           He was a tall chestnut that was nice once I had mounted but did not like being saddled.  I had never ridden Shadow.  I told my riding teacher who was available and she let me ride Shadow.  I ran to get his tack.  As I picked up the heavy western saddle I wondered what Shadow would look like. 

           I walked back to the area where the horses are tied and put the saddle on the fence.  Shadow was already tied up.  He was a beautiful chocolate gelding.  His shiny coat glimmered in the sun light.  His eyes sparkled with happiness.  He seemed full of spirit and joy.  I tacked him up and mounted.  I rode him in the arena.  He had a smooth lope, a good trot, and a fast walk.  I had a great time riding him.


This is a true story.  It did not happen exactly like this but a lot of it did.  I hope you liked it!