September Story Contest

Wild Mustang
by microphone & Black Mist  age12

The black mustang felt the wind rustle his mane and tail. His back was to the wind, and his mane blew in his face. He watched his pregnant mares graze nearby. Winter was coming on fast, and he had to be ready. Rocky, a grey stallion, watched nearby. Velocity looked around to make sure no other stallion was watching his mares, and started to chase Rocky. He fled, knowing Velocity was a hard stallion to fight. Dragonfly, one of Velocity's mares, looked up. Her first daughter, Thundersky, had not been bred by Velocity was now one of his best mares. Thundersky was a dark bay paint mustang.

The first snow fell that night, blanketing the horses who slept in the open plains to stay away from Rocky and the other stallions. When Velocity awoke, he shook himself off and started pawing to ground to find something to eat. His mares gradually rose and grazed too. A group of bachelor stallions passed nearby and Velocity neighed a whinny of warning to them. He reared, pawing the air with his front hooves, snorting with warning. The bachelors hurried off.

Days passed, and the horses got a bit skinnier, but stayed healthy. A blizzard blew in and covered the mountains. Velocity herded his mares into the forest where it would be more sheltered. They stayed there, blizzard after blizzard hitting the mountainside. Sikes and Tillet, two ridges that were separated by a canyon. Velocity was on Sikes Ridge, waiting winter out. Rennie died that winter. So did Quake. Velocity was scared he was going to loose his close-knit family. His mares grew skinnier, but kept going.

 Then the temperature grew warmer, and his mares grew fatter and more hardy then ever. He reared with happiness! Rocky never returned to the mountainside. One of the winter thunderstorms had killed him with a flash of lightning. Thundersky's foal, a filly who was a light bay, was named Thunderstorm, chosen by Velocity. Shasta, Dragonfly's filly, was a grulla. Teddy gave birth to a colt named Pickle. Winter was over! Velocity was happy!


Find out what happens during the summer to Velocity's herd! Mares mysteriously disappear, and the ghost of Rocky seems to be following Velocity's remaining herd everywhere. Sorry it's so short! The next one will be longer! Look out for Wild Mustang #2, The Ghost microphone & Black Mist -  thank you!