September Story Contest

The Run Away School Horse
By Chedder & Black Mint  age 10

Nikki was about to leave for school. First she had to say bye to Groovy.

"Hi Groovy, i'll be back in a few hours i have to go to my first day of school".

"Nay nay nay"


A couple hours later Nikki came home, BUT not alone. There was this girl with her and they were laughing.

"Wait I forgot something in the barn,i'll be right back",said Nikki.So Nikki ran into the barn and said "There You are I thought I lost you."

Groovy closed his eyes and was ready for a hug,then he opended his eyes and she was gone. His carrots were gone too. Groovy looked outside and Nikki and that girl were eating his carrots. He heard the name Roby so he figured her name is Roby.

For the past few days Groovy has not been visited by anyone then one day Nikki's dad walked in and saw how sad I was and he said "You're really lonely, I can tell. Thats why i'm going to let you go, but you can't tell anybody." Then he opened the gate and said "go git GIT".

So I ran out and into the forest and yelled " I'M FREE".

In a couple of days I figured I would go back if she missed me so I went to the end of the forest and listened to her:

She was crying and her mom came out and said "Nikki are you crying about Groovy"?

"No, Roby moved away".

"I'm sorry".

The next day I heard bells and someone throwing corn (corn is my favorite food)

I also heard someone calling my name. It was Nikki! She was looking for me! Then I ran right to her and she yelled "Groovy"! She gave me a big hug.

"Nay nay nay" .

"Groovy,i'm sorry i got to caught up in Roby."

Then she got on my back and we rode home.