September Story Contest

Stardust Starsprinkle
by microphone & Black Mist  age12

The wind whipped through her hair and her mane and tail billowed in the raging wind. The girl on her back had hair as black as midnight that blended into the mane. The grey and black horse charged across the landscape and galloped past trees and streams… Suddenly a woman stepped in front of the horse and she stopped. “Alicia, wake up!”

I woke with a start. My Mom was standing in front of me.

“What?” I said, sleepily rubbing my eyes.

“Happy birthday!” She exclaimed. I widened my eyes. I had forgotten about my birthday with my parents acting all strange and weird.

“Thanks Mom,” I managed.

“Get dressed and come downstairs. We have a big surprise!” She left me standing gawking at her retreating back. I never got much more than a couple Breyer horses for my birthday. Maybe it would be my very own laptop! Or maybe, just maybe, a horse! I shut my door and entered my closet. I picked out my Live to Ride, Ride to Live shirt and got out my favorite pants. I brushed my long black hair and tied it in the regular ponytail. I put on deodorant and headed downstairs. Fortunately there was no breakfast on the table so I could get the big surprise first thing.

“It’s outside,” Said my Dad, blindfolding me. Why would a laptop be outside? Maybe it’s a puppy? I thought. My parents lead me outside. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I heard a snort.

“Okay, look!” Dad un-blindfolded me. A grey and black horse stood in front of me. A mare. A horse. Mine.

“Is she?”

“She’s yours.”

I threw my arms around my parents and then around Stardust Starsprinkle. “Star! Your mine!” I remembered my dream.

The wind whipped through Star’s hair and her mane and tail billowed in the raging wind of a gallop! My hair which was as black as midnight blended into Star’s mane! The grey bay mare charged across the landscape, galloping past trees and streams. This time no woman stopped us. We continued running and running until we reached home again. No more wishing away my life. I had a horse. I had Stardust Starsprinkle.