September Story Contest

by microphone & Black Mist  age12

A flash of white, a stallion- charging across the open grassland. My hair whipped in the raging wind as the storm drew closer. Thunder crashed above us and lightning split the sky like knives. I held tightly to the stallion’s mane, gripping with my legs. I had no idea where the wild horse was taking me until a familiar town loamed into view. The white stallion  stopped suddenly at my house, throwing me onto the ground. When I got up, he was gone. “Goodbye Silverwind,” I whispered, but I had no time for goodbyes. I had to find Gingerbread before the storm. I heard a whinny. A chestnut mare stood nearby, a gash in her flank bleeding. “Ginger, it’s me. Come inside,” I whispered, carefully stepping towards my terrified mare. Ginger let me catch her and put her in the stable. I called the vet and he came just as the rain started. “She’ll live through the gash, but she’s terrified. She may not ever get over it. Just be prepared that she might have gone mad.”

That night I couldn’t sleep. The vet’s words, ‘Might have gone mad,’ rang in my head like a hammer on metal. How could Gingerbread go mad? All she had seen was a bear and been slashed by it.

The next morning I ran to the barn. I had to ask Gingerbread why she was so scared. “Gingergirl, it’s me.” I went up my mare and stroked her. “Why did that bear scare you so much?”

Ginger’s voice entered my mind like a thought, trailing like the wind. “My father promised me to that bear if he left his herd alone. But then I was caught and I thought I had escaped, but I cannot leave this barn and it must be locked at all times.”

Now was the dreaded question, “H-have you gone mad?”

“Yes, I cannot be ridden because I do not know when I am going to rear or buck. I’m sorry Alicia.” Suddenly Ginger reared and I stepped back.

“Would it be better to be put down?”

“Yes, Alicia, you have to let go now. But I will stay with you if you still have my in your heart.” I called the vet and asked him to come and put Ginger down. “She’s gone mad,” I said, trying to hold back a sob. I was stroking Ginger as the vet injected her with anesthesia and as she quietly crossed into darkness, I whispered, “Goodbye Ginger,” over and over and then she lay limp. Dead. My parents hugged me as I cried. Ginger was dead, gone, forever.

For a week I cried constantly. The summer was boring with no horse to ride and no pals to chat with, and without Ginger even being in the barn in the morning. My days seemed longer with less to do, and I spent hours on the computer going on Club Pony and taking care of Indian Paint. I read and drew, but mostly, real horses were out of my life. But one night I had a dream. Ginger appeared, shimmering in front of me. “You must find a black stallion. You will know him by his name, Demon-wings, and he will show you how to find Silverwind, the white stallion who saved you. Goodbye, Alicia,” “No! Wait! Ginger!” But she was gone.

I woke. I had to find Demon-wings. I got dressed and borrowed a stable horse called Seaweed. I put some rope into the English trail saddle bags and set out, heading for the forest. I found a black horse almost as soon as I headed for a clearing. “I am Demon,” He said, “Let me show you the way to Winged Silver or Silverwind.” I followed him on Seaweed and in a clearing in the very heart of the forest stood the white stallion. “Hello Alicia,” He said.

The next morning I woke with a start. Was Silverwind going to be in the stable or was it all just a dream. My calendar showed it was the 14th, which meant if it had been a dream than I had slept a whole two days. I rushed downstairs to the barn. Sure enough a white stallion stood in a stall. My parents had said that if I were to keep him I had to geld him. I called the vet and asked him when I could ride him over. Tomorrow morning will be fine, make sure he doesn’t have any food or water in the morning! Or at night.” I told Silver that he had to be gelded and he said he knew he would have to be. Ginger told me. You see, Ginger and I shared a connection, from love. We fell in love and I helped her be caught after her father promised her to the bear. I snaked her and then ran away, hoping she would fall into good hands.

So Silverwind became my horse, and a new life began again. I kept Ginger alive in my heart and wrote stories and drew pictures about her.


I didn’t realize it sounded a lot like my Windancer stories until the very end. But please vote and send me pal requests! I’m always looking for more pals! I only have 17, and would like to make pals with everyone who likes me!

Thank you,microphone