September Story Contest

Right Way Wrong {Part One of the Trilogy} 
A Fantasy by YouWish & Kiss and Tell age 11

It was Friday, the day of the week that takes an eternity to come. I was riding my bike along a new trail that my friend, Emma had recommended to me. It was very smooth earth, gentle like the spring breeze. It was through a mystical forest, the tallest trees, exotic wildlife yet to be uncovered. It was all going along smoothly until I came to a fork, two paths, the one I chose changed my life forever. It was a right way wrong. I turned left, and continued on for what seemed like ages. It was getting dark, I needed to head back but had nowhere to go, I had come to a dead end, a cave with a mysterious rock wall with a certain shimmering glow to it. Feeling frazzled, I decided to stay in the cave. I took off my helmet and walked my bike into the cave. I wanted to know more about the wall in my way, I walked up and rested my hand on it. It was warm and inviting, almost like energy coursing through my veins. Then to my dismay, a hot breath was trickling down my neck, slowly I turned.
There nose to nose I stood with an exquisite horse, pure white with a glowing sheen, each detail on it delicately crafted. A pearl horn protruded from his forehead. His black endless eyes watched me with curiosity. He snorted and walked up to the wall, beautiful horn touching it ever so slightly. Then like magic, it opened, revealing a tunnel, he trotted in and whinnied to me, gathering my courage, I hopped onto his warm back and we galloped deeper into this unknown world.
His strides were so long and graceful, I was lulled to sleep. I dreamt of beautiful horses everywhere in a lovely serene world. When I woke the next morning, I was on a carpet of green grass with a lake not to far beyond, trees and mountains in the distance. I looked for the beautiful horse, but did not see him. Then it struck me, I was not at home, I was in a fantasy land, or was I? I stood up, but my knees ached, a voice said in my head, "Child, rest. You are too tired from your adventures." The voice was so calm, I laid on the warm grass, still wide awake. The horse appeared, he laid his muzzle on my forehead, his thoughts I could hear. "Child, you have traveled far, you are now in Fincara." He said. I said aloud, to him, "Where is Fincara, can I get home?' He replied gently, "Time stops in your world when you are here, no one knows you are missing. You must stay and help us child, for Fincara is in a siege." Thoughts coursed in my mind, I did not know what to do. "Where am I and how can I get home?" He said again, "You will be home soon enough. You are in the realm of Pegasus Lake, a refuge for unicorns and pegasi." "You must help us child with the siege in our land, then you may return home, please ride on my back, and we will go to see Brionna." I vaulted onto his back, knees still stiff and we were again on the move. We spoke of many things while we were traveling. He told me Brionna could explain more about my tasks. He also said If we saw any dragons, to hush and not say a word. I also learned his name was Silverfoot.
After a long while of riding we stopped at a small stream. The water was the purest I had ever seen, clearer than a crystal. It tasted amazing, flavors I cannot describe. It was sweet and fresh. Silverfoot said we must continue, for dusk was coming and it was not a happy place to be in Fincara. I mounted his white back and we were again going, him a streak of lightning faster than the wind itself howled in my ears, called my name, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. It whispers and flows around me, the winds of Fincara. Night fell faster than I've thought, but Silverfoot said we were close to Brionna's place. When we arrived it was sunset, I did not know where we were going, for there was no house nor castle. Silverfoot pawed at a stone, and a door appeared out of no where. It stood there glittering and shimmering under the pink cast of the sun. Silverfoot pushed it open to reveal a small dark room with torches lit in nooks in the walls. Mystical items lined bookshelves and desks. A dark skinned woman stood in the corner reading a scroll. We walked in and the door vanished.
"What do you need, Silverfoot?" Brionna's voice asked gently. It was a very young voice, so gentle and soft. "I have found the human child." He said. Brionna gasped and stared deep into my eyes. "You child, have come to save us!" I asked what she meant. "You are the child Arabello chose eons ago to save us in our darkest hour. You are the descendent of an ancient race of unicorn gods. You were brought here by fate to save us to end the siege started by Venus." I slowly took all this in. "Who is Venus?" I asked. "It starts with another story. One I will tell, but not in happiness." "Thousands of years ago, a hunter went into the forest searching for food, he took his young daughter, Venus with him for she was terribly ill and needed care. After walking for a very long while, the man set his daughter down in a clearing while he went out to find some game. A unicorn sensed the young maiden needed help. He came over and touched her with his horn to heal her. The man returned and saw this and thought the unicorn was trying to kill his daughter. He then shot the unicorn, but a piece of the horn broke off in Venus's heart. The man and unicorn battled until both were dead. So Venus's heart is forever wounded, forever healing. The story got out of the vicious unicorn, and they were hunted, forcing a sorcerer to create Fincara to get the hunters off the unicorns backs. Now, Venus is in siege with us, trying to get into our land. She has become powerful with many evil minions. You child, will save us by defeating Venus with magic you will acquire." I was shocked, frightened, dumbfounded by the task set on my shoulders. Brionna handed me a lovely necklace, with a most peculiar charm. A red crystal with a pure white hair embedded in it. "This is one of seven amulets. It will allow you to teleport to Earth or back to Fincara. Do not let Venus get her hands on it." Brionna said. "Sarah, you can do it. We are all counting on you."
I did not know what to think after that for Silverfoot got a map from Brionna and then we were gone. He said we must reach the Goddess, Fiona's, palace soon. She can tell you anything you need to know, Silverfoot told me. We passed the most interesting places on our journey, small villages with townsfolk, beautiful capes and islands, and incredible cliffs and bluffs. I very so wished this place was on Earth for it was so magical and wonderful, it felt too much like a dream. I worried that any moment I would wake up and find I was in bed, dreaming. When we arrived at the palace, Fiona was awaiting us. She had a very fair face so delicate and regal, wearing white linens with beautiful green eyes and blonde hair. She resembled and angel from Heaven. She said with a very majestic voice, "Sarah dear, you must rest, then you may continue on your journey." "My maid Neon will show you to your room." I was expecting another human but instead a graceful Pegasus entered the room. She was black with a white star on her forehead, and her thoughts projected into my head "Please follow me." She said. I vaulted onto Silverfoot's strong back and we followed Neon into a lovely garden. Butterflies and fairies everywhere. Roses adorned lush green bushes, and other exotic plants I could not identify. Many trees grew bold and beautiful, covering the acres except for a golden cobblestone pathway on which we walked. Neon ambled along gently each step in rhythm with her strong breaths. Then I heard Silverfoot say: "Neon is my sister, our dad is a Pegasus, our mom is a unicorn. You rarely find crosses like Pegacorns. Usually we are either Unicorn or Pegasus." I thought it was fitting because they had very similar personalities -- very bold and daring, yet graceful and majestic. Neon kept walking along the cobblestone pathway, until she came to a huge oak tree. Larger than most skyscrapers. It towered above us. "This is the Sonora Tree." "It is where most mystical creatures reside." Neon said. She flew up and Silverfoot did as well. "How can you fly if you do not have wings?" I asked him. " Neon can supply me with magic long enough to get us to the top." He replied. We landed on a platform with a pool of pixie dust swirling around it. A waterfall poured into it coming from a hole in the tree a few feet above us.
Neon said this was what gave unicorns and pegasi energy. It was called sparkle dust. She said the fairies also got magic from this as well. I asked her what fairies did. She told me they helped things to grow, like flowers. Neon flew up to another platform, this one had a beautiful moss bed and a small cottage. Neon said the cottage was for me and I would find fresh clothes and food in there. The moss bed was for Silverfoot, and the apples were right above him in the tree branches. While Silverfoot settled down, I went to look in my cottage. I found the closet which had very pretty linens in it. The cabinets had food and there was a pool with some warm water for me to bathe in. I decided to sit on the windowsill and admire the lovely landscape. I could see rolling green hills and huge mountains from my spot in the window. I saw many horses, beautiful chestnuts with golden horns, bays with lovely white wings, and cute foals frolicking in lush spring grasses. So here I sit in my windowsill. I am writing my adventures down reader, for should I die while trying to save Fincara, I want you reader, to know about my story. So what is a right way wrong? Well I can explain, it is to be incorrect in a good way. So the path I took in the woods, was a good way to be wrong. (For I learned after my adventures that the other path would've taken me home)
Will you wait for me to write more? For I must take a break for my mind is wearing and my body as well. So wait for the next part of my Trilogy!
--YouWish and Kiss & Tell