September Story Contest

Maggie’s wild ride
 by Lisafan  & Bell  age 12

Chapter 1    
  One day there was a girl with 6 brothers they all had magic and one horse each. The girl(Maggie) was a jumper, one of the boys she loved (Stewart) so much is a racer and the rest do western. One day she was out at the stable in there back yard. Petting her horse bell. Since they have magic they all have to stay protected by the bad people that want to get them. There is a 20 feet high fence around the house the fence  even goes in the middle of the road! When she was done petting Bell she checked Lightning Stewart’s horse, Twister Devin’s horse, Sandman Andrew’s horse, Firelock matt’s horse, Shadow the other Mathew’s horse and Coco Brent’s horse. So when the boys got home from baseball Maggie went in the front yard with all the horses tacked up to give the boys a lesson on  jumping just in case the bad guys are at the house and need to escape. All the boys did fine except Stewart. So then there parrot sees a stray dog looking at the horses and their rider. As the dog starts to get closer the bird said stray dog stray dog run away run away. 

Chapter 2

Then Maggie sees the dog and says guys we have to jump our fence wall here and get out quick! They all jumped at the same time and as Stewart was going over he nearly fell then Maggie used magic to keep him on his horse. As he raced to the front Stewart and Maggie switched horses quickly. As they made there way to the beach thy saw they had to jump the jetties then they said that will slow down the dog! The dog was a spy for the bad guys called the Scarlet Hooves. They all made it over the jetty now they had to run into town were there was a stable they lost the dog and left the horses there over night just in case the dog comes back.  

Chapter 3

In a few days they were convinced that the dog will not come back so they were able to see Stewart Race, Maggie’s jumping competition, Brent’s and both Matt’s barrel  racing and Devin’s cow herding. On there way home they all saw some beautiful sights they all got a blue ribbon and never saw the dog again then Maggie said you know what guys I think we make a great team together they all agreed and called there group the “Flying Horses”.  The next day Maggie was petting Bell when Stewart came in with Lightning after his bath and he said you know Maggie I’m going to miss you when I race in the in the Kentucky Derby and I would like your help. Do you mind racing against me? Maggie said well Bell is half thoroughbred so ok. And they rode off into the sunset racing to see who would win.