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The MABABS and the Three Unicorns By Moona & Angel age 10, Breanna & Annie age 10, and Britnie& Shadow age 11 Also known as the MABABS. (Read part one here) (Read part two here)

The  Main Characters       

Moona: The one who thought of making a club called The MABABS, she is smart, brave and adventurous
Angel: Moona's pony, she is a palomino mare
Breanna: The second member of the MABABS club, she is smart and can get scared easily, but other times is very brave
Annie: Breanna's pony,she is black mare
Britnie: The third member of the MABABS club, she is smart like Breanna, and brave and Adventurous like Moona
Shadow: Britnie's pony, he is a gelding

Britnie before the MABABS

Britnie was a happy girl. She was born in Louisiana, and where she lived there was not very many people, but she was not lonely, for she had animal friends instead. She loved to gallop (horsey term for human run) and practice racing in the hot Louisiana sun. She was practicing because she had a goal, a dream...............and that was for one day, to beat her 5 years older brother. She practiced everyday, and ran around the yard as if it was a race track. Her brother always made fun of how she always ran around in a circle. At seven, Britnie and her brother had a race of three. The first two were short, and her brother won, but the last one was long...........and Britnie won! Her goal was finally done, and she could stop practicing racing.


At age eight, Britnie's parents decided that she was old enough and they could get back on the road of traveling again. They went to Minnesota, but the job was tough, and her Dad couldn't get a job, but tried for about a year. They ended up traveling to Wisconsin, there they stayed for a year, her dad got a job, but soon they decided to go to a better job in Wiggins, Connecticut.
"I hope the weather and surroundings are better there than here in Wisconsin." Britnie said to her mother while they loaded all the horses, Shadow, Britnie's Welsh cross pony, Crete, her mom's solid colored paint, and Achilles, her brother's true, golden palomino welsh x Quarter Horse. They also loaded their tack in the trailer.
The horses were all geldings, and were all good trail horses. "I hope so too." Britnie's mom replied. When they finished loading, they hooked their second truck to the horse trailer. The camper and other truck was all ready to go, and they were headed on the road to Wiggins.

Best Friends

When they got to their desinated place, Britnie's mom said, "We'll keep the horses in the trailer for the night, in the morning, we'll go to the boarding place." She turned and started walking to the back of the trailer in the dark night. "Mama, what's the name of the barn?" Britnie yelled. "It has no name! The owner is Jane Crandal though!" She yelled back. "Oh." Britnie replied. Tomorrow, she would most likely be learning all the trails there, if there were any.....

The next day, Britnie and her mom drove to the Crandal's barn. When they pulled in, a lady came out. "Hi, I'm Jane Crandal!" She greeted them. "Hi, I'm ****** ******! I'm the new boarder!" Britnie's mom said. "Okay, you can keep your horses either in the stall or in the pasture;  whichever you like. We don't get very many boarders here, just a few here and there. The pasture the boarders are kept in are over there, and if you want to use a stall, just pick one that doesn't have a name tag on it. Once you find the right stall, just write your horse's name on the tag on the door." Jane pointed out the pasture. "Thank you, and this is my daughter Britnie." Britnie's mom introduced her. "Hello Britnie!" Jane said, handing out a hand. "Hello Mrs.Crandal." Britnie responded, shaking the woman's hand. "Well, have fun exploring this new place!" The owner went back to her house, wanting to let the new boarder's owners have fun exploring. "Okay, well, go get Shadow and bring him to the pasture." Britnie's mom instructed. Britnie and her mom lowered the trailer's ramp and Britnie get her pony, Shadow. Her mom went grab both Crete and Achilles. Britnie led Shadow to the pasture, in it was a black mare, who picked her head up immediately from grazing. She neighed and trotted over. Shadow walked up to the fence and sniffed the mare, while she sniffed him. When they seemed like they would be good together, Britnie led Shadow in the pasture. Her mom had done arrived with Crete and Achilles and led them in too. They took off their their equine's halter, and off they cantered excitedly in their new surroundings. "Well, the lady seems nice so you can stay and watch and learn everything around here. When you're ready to come back, you could probably walk back since it isn't far from where we stay. Now come help me unload all the stuff for the horses" Britnie's mom said, then turned and walked back to the truck and trailer. When they unloaded everything, they put it all in the "guessing it's the tack room" place. "Okay, I'm going to go now. Have fun exploring!" Britnie's mom got in her truck and drove away. "Okay, I'll go figure out where everything is." Britnie said outloud. She looked at all the stalls. One said Daisy, another Splash, then another said JB, and the last one that wasn't free from ponies and horses had Annie on it. "I wonder what the black mare's name is." Britnie thought. She looked at the free stalls and found one that she liked. It was bare of straw so Britnie went to the tack/feed/supplies room. She soon found it and saw some straw. She grabbed some of it and spred it on the floor of the stall she picked. When she was done, she wrote "Shadow" on the letter-erasable tag with the marker the was hanging from it. She looked outside in the pasture where the boarders were at. "I wonder who owns the black mare? Maybe it's a girl my age!" Britnie thought. She went to the room of supplies and grabbed a carrot for Shadow, two apples for Crete and Achilles, and one cookie for the black mare. She walked to them and gave all the treats to the equines. Britnie had to hurry and run to Crete and Achilles because Shadow would chase them off for their treats. Shadow didn't run off the mare though, that puzzled Britnie. He must have already become a great friend of hers. She heard footsteps all of a sudden behind her while petting Shadow and the mare. She looked behind her and the lady, Mrs.Crandal, was there. "Hi." Said Britnie. "Hi Britnie. I'm surprised you heard me. I usually walk quitely." Mrs.Crandal. "I guess I have good hearing..............................................I was just wondering, do you know this pony here's name?" Asked Britnie. "Yes, her name is Annie. I would tell you the owners name but I forgot. I usually don't forget though............." Answered Mrs.Crandal. "oh, okay, thanks." Britnie said. The owner of the place then turned around and walked away. "Well little mystery pony, now I know your name! Now I have to figure out who your owner is, hopefully it's a kid my age and not an adult who has you as a pet." Britnie said to the black pony. "Well, goodnight you two. Bye Shadow, enjoy your new pasture!" She said, and ran off to her home.
The next day, Britnie went to the barn after asking her mom. When she arrived, she noticed the black mare was gone and Shadow was nervous and frantic. He neighed a lot too. "Your pony sure misses his buddy!" Said Mrs.Crandal in the stall of JB. "Yeah, I see that. I better go get him." Britnie said and ran to the tack room, grabbing Shadow's blue and light blue/turquoise halter and a cookie. "Shadow!" Yelled Britnie. She knew he wouldn't come with the halter on her though, but she was amazed at how he just cantered to her, eager to get out and look for his pony friend. "Okay, okay!" Britnie said, putting his halter on and giving him his treat. She led him out by the halter, for extra control, but all of a sudden, he pulled his head away hard and Britnie lost her grip. Shadow cantered to the forest nearby, Britnie ran after him. for 5 minutes she ran, and her sides were starting to hurt. She slowed down and yelled, "SHADOW!!!! COME BACK!". When she turned around a corner of the trail she was on, there was a stream that on the other side, Shadow was by a black mare and a girl, who was holding on to his halter and lead. Shadow it looked like, had stolen an apple right out of the girl's hand. The girl looked up while Britnie was hopping from rock to rock across the stream. "Thanks." Said Britnie and grabbed Shadow's lead rope. "No problem." Answered the girl. "Sorry about your apple." Said Britnie, looking at the apple juice dripping from Shadow's muzzle. "I'm Britnie, I haven't seen you around. I've seen your pony though. Shadow basically loves her. That's why he escaped. I've been trying to find you, so I could know the owner of the owner of Shadow's girlfriend!" Britnie said, jokely. The two girls noticed their ponies grooming each other. "ha ha! Silly ponies!" Laughed the girl. "I'm kinda new here, and I'm also learning to ride ponies. My name is Breanna" The girl known as "Breanna" said.  "Oh, are you still learning to ride?" Asked Britnie. "No, I only rode horses back at my old home." Answered Breanna. "Want to hang out tomorrow?" Asked Britnie. "Sure." Answered Breanna.

A Few Week's Later,
Breanna and Britnie were riding down a trail when someone bumped into them. "Hi! Sorry I'm taking a walk, I'm new to Wiggins," said the girl. "We are too," said the girls she bumped into. "I'm Britnie, and this is Breanna. Who are you?" asked Britnie. "I'm Moona. There's a box at my house I want to see. Do you want to come over?" Breanna and Britnie nodded. When they got to Moona's house her mom was standing at the door. "Open the box Moona!" she said, pointing to it. Moona walked over to the box and pulled it open. "A pony!" she shouted. "I'll name her Angel!" Breanna stepped into the paddock with Moona. "We have ponies too. Mine is Annie and Britnie's is Shadow," she said. Britnie walked into the pasture too

"Let's wash the ponies together!" said Britnie. Moona and Breanna agreed excitedly. They had lunch together then afterwards they washed the ponies. Shadow was a pain though because he didn't like to be bathed, but they managed to get him washed. They met every day at pony pal trail and did some thing special. They went to the mall with Moona's mom and took pictures in the picture booth. They babysat Moona's sisters. They walked Britnie's dogs Angel and Artemis. They rode together, and all sorts of things. Soon they became The Mababs ( Moona and Angel Breanna and Annie Britnie and Shadow).


The MABABS and the Three Unicorns

Britnie woke up with a yawn. It was still the smallest amount of light. She brushed her hair and put on a dress and sandals. "What a nice morning," Britnie said, walking into Ebony's stall with a carrot. She fed him the carrot, some hay, and some oats. They didn't need the mash anymore. "Thank you, Britnie," said a voice like last night. Britnie ask Ebony a question. "Dark red," he answered. "H- how could this be?" Ebony looked up with surprise. "You didn't know I was a Unicorn?" he said. Britnie gasped. Moona came over to her in riding clothes! "Why are you asking Ebony so many questions? You know he's a horse and won't answer?" "Moona, he's a Unicorn! He really is he talked to me! He did he did!" Britnie yelled. Breanna yawned and came outside. "What's all that racket?" she asked. "Britnie's gone crazy! She thinks Ebony is a Unicorn!" Moona replied. "Nonsense! Come on Moona, get Britnie and bring her inside. She needs water NOW!" said Breanna. "But guys! It's true! Ebony talks!" Britnie wailed. "Yeah, and Wind and Cloud talk too. You need a lot of water! Come along B!" said Moona. The girls gave Britnie lots and lots of water. She kept trying to explain what she thought she heard and saw, but the Mababs refused to believe, or listen to what she was saying. Britnie broke away up into the hayloft. "Why don't they understand?" she cried. "Why why why!" Then neighing broke the quietness. Britnie peered through the little window in the corner to see Moona and Breanna riding away on Wind Magic and Cloud Jumper. "Ugh!" She walked away from the window and sat in the hay, picking up a "Label the Pony Parts" game sheet and magnet cards. "If only they'd listened," Britnie said, with anger in her voice. Britnie sat and figured out the sheet, tears dropping down on it. "Britnie! Britnie! Come see!" Neighed Ebony. Britnie got out of the loft and walked up to him. "Britnie, don't be sad. I'll talk to my friends and tell them to let out their secrets. They wanted to hold it in and start talking to you human friends from a little to a lot. I couldn't take it no more and just started talking." Ebony said. "Ebony, what am I going to do?" Asked Britnie. "You mean what are WE going to do. Jump on my back, no need for that hateful thing called a bridle and the other one called a saddle!" Ebony replied. "Britnie opened the stall door and Ebony walked out. "Jump on my back." He said. Britnie grabbed a handful of mane, and leaped up onto his back. "Okay, hold on tight!" He said, then took off at a wild gallop. "Where are we going!?!??!" Britnie yelled out. "To find your friends and mine!" The Unicrn yelled back. Britnie kept her mouth shut and hung on for her life. She never ran this fast on Shadow. It seemed like only a minute when they ran into their friends. "'s you! Are you still believing Ebony's a Unicorn?" Said Moona. "Yeah! I DO!" Britnie said angrily. "Britnie, don't listen to them. Who cares if they don't want to beleive....yet." Said a voice from inside Britnie's head. "Ebony? How did?" Ebony cut her off. "Don't speak outloud! Think a message and send it to me! Yes, we can do that." Another silent massage came. "Okay, did I do it?" Britnie tried to send a message. "Yes" Another came from Ebony. "Come on, let's go Brea! I think we can outrun Ebony easily! He looks like a slow horse!" Moona said. "Okay." Said Brea. "heh heh! Your friends must not know I'm the fastest Unicorn in my world!" Said Ebony in a "private" message. The other two Unicorns went to a full gallop at their riders command, but Ebony easily stayed beside them. "I'll talk to my friends and tell them to talk to their human friends." Said Ebony in another P (private) message. Britnie said okay back. Ebony put his head down and is ear's laid back flat and he sprung forward. Britnie held on for dear life. "STOP!!!" Ebony yelled to his firend's.
They then suddenly slid to a stop and Ebony haulted in front of them. He winked to Cloud Jumper and Wind Magic. "Oh. It is time. She know's?" Asked Cloud Jumper. "Yup." Black Ebony said happily. "AHHHHH!!!" Moona screamed. Breanna's eye's poped. "You mean- they-and-you-and-What?!" Breanna stamered. "Uh hu." Britnie said happily. "Oh...." Moona said while looking to the ground. "I am sorry B! Very sorry. It just sounded a little-" Breanna trailed off. "Crazy." Moona finished. "It's ok. MABABS?" Britnie asked.
Moona and Breanna looked at each other and said in Unison, "MABABS!" They all giggled. "Wait if you that they are then that mean's-" Breanna was cut off. "YES! WE ARE UNICORNS!!" Cloud Jumper yelled. "WHOA WHOA! Easy." Breanna said while stroking Cloud's neck. "Well these saddle's are KILLING US!" Wind winnied. "Then we will take them off!" Breanna said proudly. Moona and Breanna slid the saddles off and hid them in the bush near Great Pine Tree. "Stay here Wind," said Moona, sliding off his back. "Come down, Britnie." Britnie slid off too, and Breanna. Moona grabbed her friend (Britnie) and hugged her. Tears dripping down her face she said," I'm so sorry I didn't believe you! SO sorry! Uh huhu!" Britnie blinked out a tear. Moona let go and smiled. Breanna smiled too and Britnie. "Okay, now that we all are forgiven, time to do some business." Said Ebony. "What do you mean "Business"?" Asked Breanna. EVERYONE looked at Ebony, waiting for an answer. " three will find out sooner or later, for now, we will rest a few days, then we will go...." He trailed off. "What do you mean "Go"? Go where!?!?!?!" Asked a frantic Britnie. "You will find out later, but like I said, for now, we will just rest for the long journey ahead. Now jump on my back and let's go back to our temporary home." He said and bowed down so Britnie could get on. She didn't ask anything again. "Moon, we can talk with each other privately, so can your friend Britnie, who you call B, and your other friend Breanna, who you also call Brea. To do that, just think a message, and send it to me." Said Magic in a P message. "Um.....okay.......whatever you say I guess.....This is a test one then" Said Moona in another P message. "Good, you just sent one." Said Wind back, of course in a P message. Cloud explained to Brea the P message, and before everyone knew, they were all sending P messages, Britnie and Ebony, Moona and Wind, Breanna and Cloud.

Well, the secret of the horses has finally come out, at least, between the MABABS anyway. What will happen next? Find out in the next story........................