September Story Contest

Hollow Tree Stables --  The New Girl
by lululauren2000 and Snowdrop age 9

 Hailey Jones got out of the car. She sighed. She wished she was still in Wiggins. Ever since she moved to Evansville everything went wrong. First she had to sell her horse, Prancer. Than her parents couldn't buy her a new horse. Finally she had to go to school. In Wiggins she was home schooled. But now maybe something good would happen.

It was her first day riding at Hollow Tree Stables. Hailey walked in the barn.

''Hi I'm Lizzy'' said a girl.

'' Hi'' said Hailey.

"Are you Hailey Jones?'' asked a woman.

''yes'' replied Hailey.

''I'm the riding instructor Megan. You're riding Coco.'' said Megan. Lizzy pointed to a dark bay horse. On his stall was a brass name plate that said Coco.

Hailey went to the tack room. She found the tack labeled Coco. She tacked Coco up. She went to the ring. Lizzy rode up on a palomino mare.

''Who's that'' asked Hailey pointing to the mare.

''Hannah'' answered  Lizzy.  Megan started the lesson. They worked on trotting and jumping.

After the lesson Lizzy and Hailey untacked the horses. ''Do you want to be friends?'' asked Lizzy.

''Yes Best Friends!!!'' said Hailey. They laughed. Hailey looked into Coco eyes.  

Hailey decied he was the 2nd best horse ever after Prancer that is. Now Hailey like Evansville. And now she was best friends with Lizzy. This is the best day ever thought Hailey.

The End

Look for Hollow Tree Stables #2 soon.