September Story Contest

by microphone & Black Mist  age12

Melody, a 13year old girl who loved horses. Or, should I say, had loved horses. Until Princess died, she loved horses. Princess had been her horse. She was a chestnut with a blaze and one white foot. Now she rode Persia, a dappled, sand-colored horse.

“Come on, stupid horse!” Melody was in a bad mood. Persia was misbehaving.

“Mel! Get off that horse! You know he doesn’t need to be whipped!” Mel jumped off Persia and angrily led him to his stall. She took off his bridle and saddle and cross-tied him before grabbing the grooming tools beside his stall. She furiously curried him and hard brushed him in quick strokes. Then she hurriedly soft-brushed him and picked out his hooves before untying him and letting him loose. “Yeah, ignore me and eat your hay you stupid animal!” Melody glared at Persia, wondering if she’d ever find a horse she liked again.

Two months passed. She began to lose hope. At last, Silverwind Stables got a new horse, Goldie. She was an extremely light palomino, almost white like Cloud. She had a pink snip on one side of her nose.

“You want to take care of Goldie? You can ride her whenever you want, but you have to groom her and take full responsibility of her.” Rachel asked Mel.

“Sure, I guess,” She went to Goldie’s stall and hooked a lead chain to her halter. She led her out to the big crossties and groomed her before tacking her up and riding around in the outdoor ring. She was wonderful to ride. Her canter was smooth and light. After about an hour and a half of training riding, Melody hopped off her and gave her a bath.

“You’re gorgeous, but I’m not – I can’t forget Princess!” Melody threw her arms around Goldie’s neck and began to cry. Goldie put her head over Mel’s shoulder as if to say, “It’s okay Mel, I love you!” Melody stopped crying and put Goldie away with a blanket on. She took her time feeding her carrots and hay and stroking her.

“I love you too,” Mel said, before leaving.

At home, Mel had a surprise. A note at her spot at the table said, “Mel, Rachel should have introduced you to Goldie today. Goldie is your horse, and we hope you enjoy her like you loved Princess. Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad,” Mel almost exploded! She was so happy! Goldie was her horse and she could spend all the time she wanted with her! She still loved Princess, but she had moved on with her life. Persia would never have her sitting on his back again! Goldie was hers! Forever!

The End
Thank you, I really like writing and this is kind-of based on my stable’s new horse, Goldie, who is actually privately owned, but I will eventually be able to ride her
Thanks, microphone