September Story Contest

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some Club Pony Pals members formed a club called the MABABS. They have entered a story about their adventures in this month's story contest. The story below is not by the MABABS. It is written by another member who likes their stories so much she imagined her own story using the same characters. Mythica Legends wrote this story about the MABABS' adventures that she imagined. This kind of story is called "Fan Fiction."


Fan Fiction Entry: Mababs and the Unicorns
By: Mythica Legends & Nonios   age 11

The Mababs stands for three girls and their three ponies
Ma stands for Moon and Angel.
Ba stands for Brea and Anna.
Bs stands for Brittney and Shadow.
Angel, Anna, and Shadow are their ponies.
Shadow is a bay.
Anna is a Black.

The MABABS did as planned and met up where they planned to, the Crandal's barn, the next morning. "Hey Brea!" Said Moon who had gotten there before Brea did. "Hi Moon!" Said Brea. "Where's Brit?" Asked Moon, who was watching her two equines eat their breakfast. "I don't know, she'll probably be here anytime now." Said Brea. She got two buckets and went to the feed room. She put some sweet feed for Anna in one bucket, and fixed Cloud Jumper a special mash, since she was a little unhealthy. Dr.Crandal had ordered her to give it to the mare, along with Wind Magic and Black Ebony, for there were extra vitamins and healthy stuff that would help give the horses gain some weight and make them healthier. "Did you remember to give Wind Magic the special mash Dr.Crandal said to give him?" Asked Brea while she made the mash. "How could I forget?" answered Moon. "Well, just wanted to make sure." Brea said. "You're right, thanks for asking." responded Moon. When Brea was done with the mash, she walked over to Anna's stall and dumped the sweet feed in the feed bin. She then walked over to Cloud Jumper's stall and poured the Mash into her bin." bad we have to return them to their rightful owners." complained Brea who was staring at the beautiful silver-white horse in front of her. "Who said they had a owner that wanted them?" Said a voice that Moon and Brea recognized. "Brit! I thought you weren't coming!" Said Brea happily. "How could you think that! Of course I would come to take care of Shadow! And especially Ebony!" Said Brittney. "What took you so long?" Asked Moon. "I had to tell my mom and dad, although my brother didn't care, about Ebony, I hadn't told them last night." Answered Brittney. "Yeah, I don't know about Moon but I told my parents last night!" Said     Brea. "Yeah, I did too." Said Moon.  "Well, let me take care of Shadow and Ebony, you two go in the hayloft and I'll come meet you'll when I'm done." Said Brittney. She left the two girls to go to the hayloft. There were games up there that Pam had put. The two clubs shared the chest of games, but the Mababs had their own room of hay. One day, they had taken the hay and stacked three walls in a corner, making a room. They did this so it was private to only them. Brittney grabbed two buckets and went to the feed room, then put some corn in Shadow's bucket. Like Brea and Moon, she made a special mash for Ebony. When she was done making the mash, she took both buckets and went to Shadow's stall, dumping the corn in his bin. The welsh cross pony eagerly ate his meal, munching it quickly so he could take another bite. Brittney went over to Black Ebony's stall and poured the bucket full of mash into the bin. She then went meet her pals in the hayloft. When Brittney met up with her Mababs in the hay loft, she said, "Hey Moon! Were's Brea?" "Shhh! She's on the phone." Moon said in a whisper. "With who?" Mouthed Brittney. "I think her dad." Moon mouthed back. Moon patted beside her. Brittney tip toed to her and sat down. "Brittney, wanna see what she's talking about?" Asked Moon in a whisper. "Yes." Answered Brittney while shoving her ear to a crack in between the hail bale's and Listened to Brea talk on the phone. "Uh hu. Yeah. The Crandal's barn. No no, were Anna is kept. With Moon and Brittney. Yes, the horses haven't hurt me. Dad! I am fine. Ok now what was you wanted to tell? WHAT! I thought we were staying longer- But- Oh please a little longer please please! That long? Maybe that could work. Uh hu. Thanks so much dad thank you! I love you too ok bye." Brittney and Moon heard when Brea turned off her phone. The bales creaked and then SPLAT! Down they came with Moon and Brittney still in their listening potion. "Well. I guess we better put these up and I better tell you two what that was all about on my phone Hu?" Brea asked with a smirk. "Uh hu." Moon and Brittney said while nodding there heads. After they were finished, Brea started on about what was all that about on her phone. "Well, back home, my dad said he could get a job here, he did. But then his old job wanted him back. But he has a few months left. I am going home, in a few months." Brea looked down. "But were will Anna stay?" Asked Moon. "There's a Stable's were I used to ride horses. Dad said if Cloud Jumper isn't claimed then we can take her with us. I could grow into her. Like I said, I rode HORSES at the old stable, here I learned to ride ponies." Brea said sadly. "But we can keep in touch! We can send you mail and post cards." Moon said trying to cheer everyone up. "Dad said we might be able to come here on summer vacation." Brea said doubtfully while lifting her head. "Ok, well, it's MONTHS AWAY! Let's have as much fun as possible! And no matter WHAT, we will always be the Mababs!" As Brittney said that she jumped up and put her hand in. Moon looked up and smiled she bounced up and put her hand in to. Then Brea smiled a crooked smile, but put in her hand too. They lifted up their hands and yelled Mababs and ended in a big bear hug. They then went down the ladder to the barn isle way. When they all were at the bottom, they talked about what they should do that day. "How about we start on those Missing Horse posters?" Brea suggested. "I was going to suggest going for a trail ride, ponying the horses?" Brittney said. "The poster is more important, although that means there's a sooner chance of the horses being claimed...." Moon said, sighing while looking dreamily at Wind Magic. "True, let's get started then, should we draw them or take a picture?" Asked Brittney. "Let's draw them, because these horses are so beautiful, even people who aren't their real owners would come to take them away." Brea said. "Yeah!!! we could draw them REALLY UGLY!!!" Brittney said. "Yeah! Let's do that!" Shouted an over excited Moon. "Okay, Brittney, go get your Art supplies!" Said Brea. "Okay Brea!" Brittney said running. She came back with a box of art supplies and a pile of paper. She handed one piece to each person and put the art supplies in the middle. Moon was the first to grab a pencil, Brea was second, then Brittney. "I think I'll give him a fat head and body. Yeah, that's right, big head, small body. It'll work!" said Brittney."I'm going to color Wind all sorts of ugly colors and make it look like he's not even a horse!" said Moon eagerly. "Moon, he looks like a really, really fat giant rat with long legs! Well, it is really ugly," Brea said, giggling like a hyena. "Don't laugh your heart out Brea!" said Moon, laughing so hard that she almost splashed a puddle out of her on the ground. Then Brittney joined their laughter, but soon Moon started coughing horribly. She couldn't stop! Brea called a doctor. Everyone in the room was terrified! "Blow the SOS whistle! NOW!!!" screamed Brittney. Brea blew the whistle and all three of their mothers came over. Moon’s mom took the phone and everybody started patting Moon’s back hard. Moon then strangely coughed out a big blob of water. "Oh no!" said Brittney and Brea. An ambulance pulled up and doctors came in to help Moon. One grabbed her and started squishing her tummy. Everyone covered their eyes. Then they opened them and the doctors had gone. "It wasn't that big of an emergency. I recently was in a flood at camp and I tripped in the hallway. I must have breathed in some water, but the water needed my hard laughing to come out. Makes sense doesn't it?" asked Moon. "It sure does," said Brittney, helping her friend up. "Aye! I'll clean the ground," offered Brea's mother. "Okay," answered The Mababs. "Good thing the water came out!" Brea exclaimed. "Yeah." Britnie said. They both heard a loud scared neigh behind them. They all looked and Wind Magic was trying to reach out to Moon. "HA!" Moona called out. "Like you said Moon. Love at first sight!" Brea said while laughing. Moon stepped over and petted Wind Magic. Mrs.Crandle then came in to the barn. "So are these horses able to ride?" Mrs.Crandle asked. "Um-no." Brittney said sadly. "Well, I was thinking that these horses need exercise. Why don't we lunge them and try to break them in?" Mrs.Crandle asked. "Oh Yes!" Moon cried. "Yes please!" Brittney exclaimed while hugging Black Ebony. "Um-Ok." Brea said unsurely. Brea was scared of being bucked off. And she didn't know if it was Wind Magic who kicked her or Cloud Jumper. "Brea, come ON,” said Moon. "It'll be fun." Moon took Wind Magic to break him in, followed by Brittney and Black Ebony. Brea froze, then turned her head to look at Cloud Jumper. Cloud just tilted her head and gave a look that said, “I feel like you do. But I kind of want to give it a try." Brea reached out to rub Cloud's muzzle. "I guess I COULD give it a try," Brea said softly. She closed her eyes and put her head out to touch Cloud Jumper's. "You do that, Brea," said a soothing voice. Brea jumped and opened her eyes to look around. It was only her and Cloud alone in the room. Brea took Cloud Jumper out to join Moon and Brittney, wondering about the voice. After Brea came out with her Mababs Mrs.Crandle came over to them. "This is going to be a bit hard because e don't know if they are broken in yet. So I will be in the arena to help you. Who first?" Mrs.Crandle asked as she looked at each of them. "Uh I will!" Moon called eagerly. "Then, me next!" Brittney said excitedly. "Ok then me last." Brea said doubtfully. "That's fine," said Mrs. Crandal. Moon put her head to Wind Magic's cheek. "We can do this, boy, you know we can," Moon whispered softly, rubbing his neck. She walk into the arena with Mrs. Crandal and over to the mounting block. Moon put her hand on Wind's back and slipped up into place. Mrs. Crandal led Wind out the middle of the arena. "Lunge a little, that's it, slowly." At first Wind buck but kept Moon on. Moon tried again twice before Wind understood. He started walking around the arena, he was broken! "How could it-" "I understand, Moon," a strange voice cut her off. It was silent. As Moon rode out she kept glancing around for something. Brittney walked in and when she tried first Black Ebony went wild! Then Brittney fell off! She tried a couple more times and then Ebony understood. Same for Brea, "It wasn't THAT bad," she said. Moon, Brea, and Brittney led the horses off to the pasture, but didn't let them go immediately. Britnie went to the left about ten feet. Moon went straight, about ten feet like Brittney, and Brea went to the right, about ten feet like the other Mababs. Brittney hugged Ebony's head, talking soothingly. "Hey boy, you did great." She said. She closed eyes and listened to the soft breathing of Ebony. "I'm glad I did." Said a voice Brittney never heard. "Ebony, that's strange, did you hear that?" Brittney then stepped in front of the horse, looking between his eyes. Ebony looked at her with big, soft eyes. Brittney didn't hear the voice anymore. "Well, goodnight boy, be good." She said and patted him on his shoulder. "Goodnight." Said the voice, Brittney looked around, no one was near. "Strange! I must be hearing voices!" She said. She walked over to the gate and sat on it, waiting for Moon and Brea. "That's a good boy!" Said Moon, "You did so well!" She exclaimed. "Good! I'm so glad I did!" Said an excited someone. Moon looked around. "Well, goodnight boy, see you tomorrow." Moon walked off strangely, joining Brittney. They then waited for Brea silently in their own thoughts, both wondering what the mysterious voice was, and where it came from. Meanwhile, Brea was petting Cloud Jumper. She wondered about the weird voice she heard earlier that day. "I'll try what I did earlier." She thought. She closed her eyes and talked to Cloud. "You were very good today girl. You are very pretty, you know that?" she said. "Thank you!" said the voice. "WHAT WAS THAT!!!!?” Brea was surprised again and opened her eyes. "Bye Cloud! I'm going go have a meeting with my pals!" Brea said while running to, of course, her friends. "Guys, I have something important to say! We'll have a meeting tomorrow at 8:00 in our hay room!" Brea didn't stop, she ran off in the night to her house. "Well, goodnight Brit." Moon yawned. "Yeah, goodnight....." Said Brittney, still confused about the voice. So they both went to their houses for the night.
The next mourning, the Mababs had their 8:00 meeting. “Hey, guys, let’s take Black Ebony, Wind Magic, and Could Jumper on the trails today!” Brittney exclaimed. “Brit, no, they are still unhealthy.” Brea said nervously. “Dr. Crandal said they are ready to ride on the trails.” Moon said happily. “They do need the fresh air, come on!” said Brittney over excited. “Yes, let’s go!” said the voices that they heard that night. The Mababs looked at each other and fed their ponies first. When the Mababs came in the feed to feed their horses that they found, they made the mash. When they fed the horses their mash, they said “Thanks.”. “Did you talk?” They asked their horses. “Yes, we did.” said Black Ebony. The Mababs were surprised by their discovery. After the horses were done eating, the Mababs took them out of their stalls. Could Jumper then said, “Please, don’t the saddle on our backs, that thing kills us!” “That go’s for the bit to. Uck, I hat that piece of metal!” Wind Magic added.. “Then how are we supposed to ride you?” Moon said impatiently. “Go get your helmets on and hop up on our backs.” Ebony said. The Mababs got their helmets and hopped up on their backs.
 What will happen next?