September Story Contest

Elly and the Arabian
By tracy & Firelight  age 11

The fog had lifted, revealing a clear day.

 I sat up in my bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed out my hair and braided it. I started to go down the stairs when I head a ear piercing whinny. It had to be a horse. Running as fast as I could, I ran down the stairs.

“Good morn- ...” “Mom! Mom! Come see!” I interrupted pulling her out the door.

 “What is it?” Mom asked. It was a horse alright.

“It's a horse!” I said.

“Oh my!” Mom said. “Shes beautiful,”

“She is that” I said. The horse was an Arabian and the prettiest I'd ever seen. I stepped  a little closer to the beautiful Arabian.

“Elly,” Mom said, “Do not take a step closer.”

“But Mom-...”

“But Elly, she may bite you,” Mom interrupted. “Come on we need to call Mr. Johnson and see who's horse this is.”  

I went to the old barn wile Mom called Mr. Johnson. The barn was very dusty and smelled like horses. I walked to a door at the end of the barn and pushed it open. To my surprise it was a tack room. On the left side of the room was a shelf.  It had two saddles on it. And to the right there was a wall with bridles and a halter. I grabbed the halter and walked out of the tack room. The Arabian was in the barn checking out the stalls. When she saw me she nickered. It was a nice low nicker. I didn't think about what mom had said when I started to pet her. But she didn't care. I carefully slipped the halter on her. She jerked back in fright.

“Whoa! Whoa!” I cried as the halter fell to ground with a thud. She trotted around the barn  tossing her head around. She was beautiful. I herd a car door slam and knew it was Dad. Now I was very excited to tell Dad about the Arabian. What would I name her if we kept her? I was to excited to do anything. The Arabian came closer to me and nicked. I held my hand out and she sniffed it. I put my arm around her neck and bent down to get the halter. Again I carefully tried to put the halter on. When she let me slip the halter on I said to my self Ha hopefully she'll let me buckle it.  And she did. I walked her to one of the stalls and put her in. Proud  of my self I walked to the house.

At the supper table I started to tell Dad about the Arabian when Mom stopped me. “Elly your father has had a bad day,” Mom said. “You'll have to show him the horse latter and-”

“What horse?” Dad interrupted.

“Today when I got up this Arabian came prancing across the yard,” I said. “And I caught her!”

“I want to see this horse,” Dad said getting up from the table. “And what is a Arabian?”

“It's a horse,” I said not felling like telling Dad all about a Arabian. I was so excited. I got up from the table and went to the door, open it and stepped outside. It was cool out and was perfect for riding. But I knew I couldn't ride the Arabian if Mom said I could. I had no experience in riding. Dad came out and I lead Dad out to the barn. A low nicker came from the corner of the barn. I knew at once that the Arabian knew we were there.

“Hay girl it's just me and Dad,” I said. “Don't you think shes beautiful?” I said.

Dad started “Well she is pretty bu-”

“I knew you'd thank so” I interrupted happy Dad thought she was pretty.

“Tomorrow I will go see if we can get rid of this horse,” He said.

“No!” I cried. “I can't let you take her yet!”

“I'm sorry but we'll have to try to get rid of her!” Dad hollered walking out the barn. Have to get rid of her? I thought. The Arabian nicker again and I walk over to her. She looked has if she knew what was going on. And maybe she did. I couldn't let them take her.

To be continued......