September Story Contest


By Breanna55555 & Annie   age 10


Hi, my name is Amy and I am a normal ordinary girl,
Or so I thought…
When I was born a prophecy was made that when I turn
Thirteen I will become a princess but,
I was marked for death that means death will try to kill me.
Except I had protectors called Isabella and Kevin.
I was ten when I found out I was adopted.
So that meant the prophecy could be true I wish it wasn’t the day I found out
About it. That day was the darkest day of my life well except for my first grade graduation
That was crazy. I some times wish that I was one Hundred percent NORMAL!!!! Oh I
Almost for got about my two brothers or should I say twin terrors!!!!!!!


 “MOM”! I yelled so loud a deaf person could hear.
Mom yelled back, “What?”
“Just come down here the terrors are messing up my project!!!!”
“Drake, Dan Trevor is calling.” Mom said
“Move it am!” My brothers screamed.
“Don’t call me am!” I yelled back.
“This isn’t Trevor this is Eric!” They said as they laughed a disgusted laugh.
“What???? Eric doesn’t call me I call him!!!!” I said in a happy way.
“Hi Amy”. Eric said with a sniffley voice.
“I have to cancel our date on Friday”. Eric said again in
a sniffley voice. “WHAT”???!!! I yelled that we had a earth quake.
“Sorry but I have a cold”. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I yelled in my mind.
“Sorry,  Bye”.
But…… “HA HA HA HA HA” I turned around to where my terrors were
Standing. “HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA”! They screamed that we had
A second earth quake. “Shut IT!” I said calmly even though I meant it so loud
They should have popped. BBBBBBBBBBBBRINNNNGGGGG!!!
“Oh No! I’m LATE”! I said while grabbing my back pack.
I ran out side were my best friend  Michael was standing. “C’mon!
Were Late!!” He said to me.


“GOOOOO” He yelled. As soon as we
pulled up to the school the bell rang. We ran to class.
As soon as we got in the teacher said:
“Amy Mustang” “Here!” I said. “Nearly late again.” She mumbled.
Oh No! I for got my project at home!!!
I screamed in my head. “OK time to show every ones project
Amy your first you are doing yours on the pioneers.”
“Ummm” I said. “I for got it.”
“My My that’s the first time I heard that.”
I turned my head toured Michael.
I looked at him while doing a upset face.
He shrugged. “Humph.” I said. As soon as the bell rang the most biggest
Stamped of kids ran with Michael and I leading it together.
It was summer break! I got on my bike Michel and I raced to
Our secret tree house. I was first up with Michel Trailing
Behind me.


“Few! I thought school would never end!” I said to Michel as he sat down. “Same Here!” He said a little loud. “OK You for getting
your project is not like you.” He said.
“I know I know.” I mumbled to him. “Well at least didn’t get stuck
with Tierce as a partner than you. Right??”
“ARF ARF!” We heard suddenly.
After that I looked out the window.
“Oh it’s the dogs!” I said while pulling a rope. Since you don’t know every thing I must
explain about the dogs. When I was about five I was riding my pony Cloud Jumper when two dogs jumped out
begging for  food so I gave them a little from my lunch and we became best friends.
I gave them names they were
 both labs so they needed good names.
The first one who was the oldest was kinda
Tan and a little gold with a mix of white and I called him Cody.
The other a light brown and I called him Jake. Michel and I thought of a way to get
Them up in our tree house we built this crate were there’s a rope that we pull,
When we pull the rope the crate comes up.
And up went a small compartment big enough to carry up both  of them.
“Thanks for the help!” I said to him.


He rolled his eyes at me as the dogs settled in to place.
“ So, any big B-Day plans?” He asked.
“Well….” I kinda mumbled to him.
“Besides Camping with me on our ponies in the wilderness.”
He said while leaning against the wall. Actually he was sitting
Away from the wall and fell backwards. I giggled to my self but he heard me.
“HA HA, very funny.” He said while rolling his eyes. Okay
I thought you would wonder about our ponies so I will tell you Michel and I are both horse riders. We met when our ponies ran off to each other and found them grazing together.
We were friends ever since. My pony is a dark white and her name is Cloud Jumper.
Michel’s pony is a black one and his name is Star Racer.
Our ponies also have marks down there flanks. Cloud Jumper has a cloud on her flank and
Star Racer has a Star on his flank( which you  already guest).  After Michel sat back he said:
“Lets sit at the table.” “Ahhhh I see you want to finish the game of word scramble,
Ok.” I told him. We settled in to the chairs and after a hour of playing we finally decided to
Read from one of my grandmother’s books. “You read. You know I am better at being quiet
Than loud.” Michel said to me.                            


“Long ago in the land of myths and legends there lived two ponies named Cloud Jumper and
Star Racer?” I said with a questionable look on my face. “WHAT????”
Michel said while looking at me. My eyes scanned the page as fast as I could
My stopped suddenly at two names…..
Michel and Amy! “What is it??” Michel asked me. “Um I UMMMM.” I stammered.
“Well what is it?” He asked loudly. I read what I stopped at:
“The two  Michel and Amy now no where to be seen are still being searched
for today!” I said scarily. “WHAT? Your lying!” He exclaimed at me.
“No I am not!” I protested. “Here look!” I said while handing him the old and dusty
book. He looked and his eyes went wide. Just as he looked up We heard some thing coming up.
He slammed the book shut and ran to our hidden trunk. We opened it  and grabbed a can of rocks and each a sling shot and two shields.  “WHO’S THERE???” I yelled out.
“WE ARE ARMED!” Michel added. Then we heard:
“Hey don’t shoot!” “ I know who that is it’s
Granny!”  I yelled. “Quick! Put the book away! I will get the rest!” I said quietly to Michel. After we finished putting every thing away grandma popped up through the hole in the bottom we use to get in the tree house. “AH HA! I knew you were reading my book!”  Grandma exclaimed.  “We certainly did not!” I lied. “Your fingers
have dust on them!” She said while pointing at my fingers. “OK! We read a
little.” I finally told her.  “How far did you get and what book?” Grandma asked


“We read THE UNICORN WISPERERS, and all the way
to the end.” I stammered. “WHAT!? Oh no! Oh no oh no oh no!”
She yelled part way. “What is it Grammy??” I asked while being frightened.
“Well..” Grammy started then suddenly stopped. “WERE ARE THEY?!
FIND THEM  NOW!” We heard down the rope ladder. “Shhh! Shut that latch
And open the secret holes to see through!” Grammy whispered. We did so and looked down
and watched a man with three other men. “ M’lord we did not find them but found this!”
Another small shabby scared man said while showing the rope ladder that lead to us!
“Well then you men climb up it NOW!!!” The man yelled while pointing up
the rope ladder.  After he said that one after the other three
men climbed up our ladder. They looked like knights because they
had knights helmets and armor with a banner strapped to their
backs. They were up in a flash and struggling with the
door. We all looked up at each other. Michel and I looked at each other with
I kinda screamed and part whispered. Grammy went last and we were down when the
Knights were up there. Grammy’s last words to us were:
“Take this! And run to the stable ride for your lives! Ride deep in the black forest!
I will see you soon!” As said that she handed both of us a big back pack and
A saddle bag. After that we races to the stable got a saddle on our ponies bridled
Them and were off. We first quickly walked them then started a
Quick trot and short canter then went to a full


We raced along a trail only Michel and I knew. We raced until we got
To our secret room (We have a lot of secret stuff!).
I bet you were wondering what was our secret room,
It is a little compartment that our ponies and our selves can get into.
We ran in and then we shut the doors(The doors had leaves on them so that’s
How we hide the compartment). I turned on the lights and set every thing in order
While Michel unhitched the saddles and Bridles he put them
In the little paddock in there. The ponies were tired so they slept.
Michel and I sat at the table and opened the pack
And saddle bag. I pulled a note out
And read it aloud:
“Hello my granddaughter,
I am sorry for not explaining but I had no time.
But I did have time to write this,
Today you were born and I know what shall
Happen on your 13th birth day,
These are important instructions that you and Michel must follow
EXACTLY, There are two amulets in the packs. Find them
Wear them.” I stopped reading Michel and I
Looked in the packs and there were two amulets
Mine was green and his was blue. We put them on.

Look for the next story!!!!!!