September Story Contest

A Foal Called Silver Star 
By: Klusyk and Wonder  age 12

As Mel Rose and Silver Pride 's trainer Tim Deed watched the big dappled gray racehorse and his jockey Jake Parks fly around the training track and pass them, the trainer clicked his stop watch. "Better, but, Jake's still giving him his head to early." the wise old trainer told Mel. Mel nodded in agreement. The trainer held up his arms and motioned for Jake to bring Silver Pride in. When Jake and Pride had reached them Tim said, "You're still letting him have his head to early. Wait for the home stretch not the last turn." " Got it boss!" the 18 year old jockey replied. Then he looked at Mel, the 12 year old girl who was Silver Pride's personal groom. "Hi squirt." he teased. Mel flinched. She hated it when Jake called her squirt and Jake knew it. Before Mel could tell him that he was mean, insensitive, a big headed fur brain and whatever else she might  have called him, he looked away and asked the trainer, "Should I try it again?"  Tim thought for a minute then said slowly, "No, I think you've worked him enough for one day."

After Jake, the meanie, had dismounted  Mel led Silver Pride to his stall in the big racing barn.  After  Mel  untacked  Silver Pride and was grooming him, Jake came over and leaned on the stall door. Then he asked, "When's  she due?"  Mel looked at him as if she thought he'd gone crazy, "Who?" she asked.  Jake laughed and then he said, "So you're Silver Pride's personal  groom and you don't know that Folly is due any day with his foal?" Tim came up just then. "What are you two talking about?" he asked . "The foal" Jake said. Mel asked, "is Folly  really due soon with Silver Pride's foal?"" Tonight or tomorrow!" the old trainer replied.

Mel was done grooming Silver Pride now. "May I go see her?"  Mel asked.  Just then Folly's personal groom ran up to Tim. "FOLLY!"  the groom yelled. Tim, Mel, and Jake ran after the groom. On the way Jake tried to race Mel to Folly's stall, but, he tripped and fell into a dirty hay pile. No one stopped until they got to Folly's stall. There the big palomino ex racehorse mare was laying on her bedding. The vet was there. The vet sent Mel to get two buckets full of warm water. When Mel returned, a little dappled gray foal was laying next to Folly. He had a big white star on his forehead, a snip on his muzzle and one white sock on his back left leg. "He's so cute!" Mel whispered. Tim looked at Jake and Mel, "Well  you're  the first to see him.  So, what should we call him?" " I KNOW!"  Jake yelled. "Let's call him Jake.!" Mel looked at him with disgust and asked, "Are you done or do you have a better idea?" "What do you think Mel?"  the old  trainer asked. "I think we should call him Silver Star  because his Dad's name is Silver Pride." Mel said. Jake started to laugh loudly. Tim silenced him with a glare. "I like it!" Tim said, "Welcome to the family Silver Star!"