August 2009 Poem Contest

This Stallion
by Britnie and Shadow  age 11

Hoofbeats pounding the ground,
Thunder rumbling in the sky;
 Here comes a strong, black stallion,
Who will be mine;
For heeee will be mine! And IIIII will be his!
And we'll never be separated, at least......... not from our minds!
If we are apart, we will think of each other, but when we're together,
we will only worry about giving each other happiness!
As my stallion gallops, the earth shakes!
When he leaps into the sky, the clouds paaart!
This stallion, is nothing I can describe, but I still will trrrrryyyyyy!
He is brave!
He is strong!
He is fast!
 He is couragous!
  He   Is      My Dream horse.
 My dream horse is black!
My dream horse is fast!
My dream horse is beautiful and elagaaant!
 My dream horse will be the perfect horse for me!
 And I'll always dream of him, day or night.