August 2009 Poem Contest

The not so wild mustang by Sariasheik & Thalia age 12

Inara is sweet, funny too!
She nickers and neighs but does not moo,
she's happy and joyful and so full of bliss,
whenever i see her i give her a kiss!

I love Inara
and she loves me too,
best friends forever,
yes that's true!!

She ran with the mustangs
two years ago,
until the roundup,
now she runs solo,
with me and Dusty
her new buds,
together forever,
true friends, so cool.

I'll love her forever,
'till death do us 'part,
best friends forever,
right from the start.

Whenever I'm sad or feelin' blue,
i go to Inara,
She makes me feel cool!

My baby girl,
no matter what,
even though she steps on my foot!