August 2009 Poem Contest

A Broken Spirit by raennior49 & Serena  age 13
I was fire, I was wind
I was a spirit untamed
I was mighty, I was strong,
but forever I am maimed.
The sting of the spurs
The slap of a hand
Made me angry and confused
What of me do you demand?
I bucked and reared,
Twisted and turned,
Spinned and hopped,
But alas, I was spurned
The men took me away
Broken and beat
They sent me to slaughter
My future was bleak
But an angel came along
And took me away
To a greener pasture
I was there to stay!
She healed my wounds
Both inside and out
I replaced her with a love
That no other could re-route
The angel never rode me
She had no desire
To break my spirit,
To put out my last bit of fire
These days are glorious
Even better than in the wild
'Cause now I'm in the caring hands
Of an understanding child