Like millions of other game creators, we built the world of Wiggins in a computer code called “Flash.”


Now, Flash’s programmers have decided to end support for that program.


Sadly, that means some internet browsers have chosen to disable Flash use – and that disables games like CPP.


Our CPP forum will still work as it always has. It is not in Flash.


In the meantime, every pony in CPP and the game barn is fine.


 January 18, 2021 Announcement


ClubPonyPals is more than just a pony care and riding game. It’s grown into a global online community of like-minded members, sort of a big herd with a story of its own. 


Recently, the End of Life (EOL) effects of Flash, the computer code in which CPP has been written is opening a new chapter for CPP’s users. For right now, it is rarely possible for members to sign into our game and visit with their ponies. But that may not be permanent. 


We are hard at work with programmers on a way to access our game again. In the meantime, stay tuned by checking this page often. This is where we put notices about CPP news. 


Because CPP still offers members

 • A fully human-moderated forum that still works, a protected place in our forum for those who love animals—particularly equines--to swap ideas 

• Safety, we never share any information 

• An online magazine where new writers can get legitimate publication 


In fact, our magazine, which will now be named “Clip Clop Magazine,“ is boosting its commitment to provide an established outlet for new writers. Starting now, each month Clip Clop Magazine will award $25 USD to one winning article or poem  that we print. All other published entries will be awarded $5 apiece. Submissions can be fiction, nonfiction or poems. They should be suitable for all ages, and have an animal in them someplace.


There are two ways to enter - 

through the CPP forum  

Or email your entry